Since 2002, we've been working to make great things for great people.


Middle Davids

It actually started in the late 1960's when David Catlin was looking for a way to make some great Christmas gifts for his Mom and sister.  He bought a second hand candle-making kit, and began an annual ritual, testing hundreds of fragrances and designs over the years.  His son Dan (middle name also David), loved to help, and in 2002, they decided to make a company together.  

Every candle we make bears the result of more than forty years of experimentation, coupled with a strong commitment to sustainability.  We use all natural soy waxes, cotton wicks, reusable and recyclable containers, and a carefully curated collection of wonderful fragrances.

Most of our business is working with non-profits, designing programs to help great people achieve their goals  through unique custom fundraisers.  We also have a gift-shop and test kitchen that is perennially voted at the top of the Best Of Lists in Indianapolis.  We host hundreds of students each year in hands-on tours, teaching them about sustainability and showing them that kids can make stuff and even more importantly, kids can make a difference.  We're also avid cyclists and received a Silver Award from the League of American Bicyclists in 2013, and we host a weekly group ride on Thursday nights most of the year.

Making Light is our latest project to share our products in a way that we hope will help creative people get more of their great stuff done.

Middle Davids Candles...My newest obsession!
— Carrie Cline, WTHR TV
I burn candles while I work and I always feel that the ritual of lighting the candle is a way to tell myself “it is on” and get to work. After I’ve worked a few hours, I blow out the candle and take a break. You’ll be surprised how well this works. This month I’m burning through a Green Tea candle from Middle Davids.
— David Sparks,
Making Light ... a company with a very cool idea: they send you two candles per month, and you burn them for a few hours each afternoon (though you can light them any time you want, really) as a way to help you focus through the last part of your work day. They sent me a box earlier this month and I can vouch for the quality of the candles.
— Shawn Blanc, The Sweet Setup