You've Got Questions?

We've got answers.  But if you don't find your answer here, please ask us directly.

What's in the box?

Each month every Making Light member receives one shipment that contains:

  • Two 8 ounce tins (that's the fluid capacity - wax is lighter than water and we can't fill them quite to the brim, so it's about 6.5 ounces net weight).  These will burn 16-20 hours, depending on whether you trim your wick (1/4" is ideal) and how long you burn each session.  If you burn them two hours at a time and trim your wicks, you should get 10 days performance from each candle.  Typically, you'll receive one candle that is our featured fragrance of the month and another from your favorite list.  You can always override your selections by letting us know, and each month you'll get an email reminder (as long as you opt in).
  • One tea-light candle in next month's featured fragrance so that you can audition it before it arrives full size.  This will burn for about 4 hours but won't have the strength of scent throw of the full size candles.  (Diameter of the wax pool is what drives fragrance throw.)
  • A box of wooden matches (about two dozen, so there should be enough to take you through the month.
  • A card with safety reminders (please don't put any papers on your burning candle!) and some information about next month's featured scent as well as any specials/discount offers currently in play.
  • Occasionally, we'll include an extra surprise, perhaps at birthday times (if we know your birthday month) or just to say "thank you."

What's with 'soy', 'natural', etc.?

We make our candles with 100% botanical soy wax.  (Other botanicals include palm and bayberry that act as hardeners to help raise the melt point which is better for shipping, and to help with fragrance solubility.)  Most candles made today are paraffin, which is a petrochemical.  As long as we keep driving, paraffin isn't really driving (pun intended) fossil fuel consumption, so we're not judging our neighbors; we just think using clean burning, sustainable fuels that contribute more oxygen via photosynthesis as they grow than the carbon dioxide they produce as they burn makes a whole lot of sense.  It's also good for Midwestern Farmers, many of whom we know and love.  

Our wicks are cotton woven (no metals) with paper stabilizers that gently curl as the wick burns to aid in self-trimming.  (It's still a great idea to trim the wick before each burning to engineer a better burn.)

Fragrances are blends of essential oils and synthetics that improve solubility and throw.  We source our fragrances from premium suppliers in the USA, although of course many of the fragrance components are grown all over the world.

Our containers are US made with integral feet to allow air circulation under the container.  They are seamless thus can't leak, are treated with a rust resistant coating inside, and are reusable and recyclable.

Do you offer other sizes?

We only pour container candles, for two reasons - your safety, and fragrance throw.  Pillars/shrink-wrapped votives and tapers depend on customers finding suitable and safe vessels, and we want to be sure that the wax and flame are contained and safe.  We do pour in various sizes of glass and other sizes of tins through Middle Davids Candles, but the Making Light program is unique.  Making Light members frequently do get discount codes in their monthly boxes to be used on Middle Davids Candles.  Call or email us if you need more details.

What if I get a fragrance and don't like it?

We really want you to be delighted.  Fortunately, it doesn't seem to happen very often that a customer isn't happy, so rather than a policy, we just try to do the right thing -- our guarantee is our personal commitment to make you happy.  Usually it's not worth it to have you ship a candle back, and we prefer to trust our customers, so just let us know what will make you feel great!